CUSH is an issues-driven organization that is volunteer led.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

Help shape our work!  Attend CUSH’s Issues Assembly on February 28th at Wesley United Methodist Church

What is an Issues Assembly?

It is a public gathering of CUSH leaders and citizens who would like to collaborate with CUSH around issues of social justice that affect our neighbors.  An issues assembly takes place when the CUSH organization is preparing to adopt new or refreshed issue work.

How does is work?

Some attendees will come prepared to speak on an issue they’d like to see chosen as a CUSH Task Force.  Other attendees will listen to the issues pitched with a mind to choose one they’d like to volunteer to collaborate around.  Once all issues are pitched, attendees caucus – they stand in groups around their chosen issue.  If necessary, the groups are whittled down so that there are enough volunteers and leaders in each group.  Issues groups with the most volunteers caucusing around them become the next CUSH Task Forces.

What happens next?

Each issue task force chooses a leader or leaders and a next meeting date with a little homework to do before that (ex:  Research the issue on a local level).  At the next task force meeting, the group will “cut the issue” – meaning take the chosen issue and plan how to accomplish the desired outcome.  CUSH Community Organizer will lead the group through this task and provide support to the task force throughout its tenure.

How do I know if I’m qualified to attend, pitch an issue, become a task force member or become a CUSH leader?

If you are passionate about a social justice issue (immigration, public transportation, criminal justice reform, racial equity, homelessness, etc) and are willing to volunteer with other passionate people around a specific issue to help put an action plan into place, then you are qualified.  Increased knowledge about the issue will come.  A greater understanding of the key stakeholders around the issue will come.  Figuring out your exact role in the issue action will come.  CUSH welcomes you to join the work.  CUSH will also send new and emerging leaders to local, state, and/or national trainings so they are better equipped to serve our community in the form of social justice issue action work.

I have questions!

Would you like to learn more about the issues assembly process, issue action work, or about CUSH in general?  Give our CUSH Community Organizer a call or send her and email. She’d be happy to talk by phone or meet with you or your group.  Lori Hawkins / 262-358-6449 /

Still relevant and informative is the presentation by Sisters Erica Jordan and Judy Seiberlich about Life at our Southern Boarder.  Please use the link below to access Zoom recording of the March 29, 2022 informative event about life in an immigrant encampment at the US-Mexican border.

You can also read more about the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa ministry at the US-Mexican border here:

Make things happen!

Would you like to get involved with CUSH, learn more about us, or find out how you can help fund our work?


Make things happen!

Would you like to get involved with CUSH, learn more about us, or find out how you can help fund our work?