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CUSH Community Organizer Position


The individual we seek for the full-time position as Organizer for CUSH (Congregations United to Serve Humanity) is an advocate for community building and passionate and committed to ending racial, social and economic inequity in Kenosha County and Wisconsin.  This person will lead in building strong relationships with individuals, congregations and organizations sharing this goal. This position will require flexible hours, evenings and weekends. The candidate will have a driver’s license and vehicle and the availability for frequent travel throughout the state. Starting salary is $40,000, with health/dental insurance, phone and mileage stipend, and three weeks of annual vacation.


CUSH is a growing and energetic faith-based organization with 17 member congregations and many involved community members.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build strong relationships with the CUSH Leadership Board and CUSH Religious Leaders Caucus to understand their goals and vision for CUSH;

  • Identify, recruit, train and support a diversity of people (including congregation leaders, and persons with a wide range of age, income, education and experience) to be effective, collaborative leaders in CUSH and effective advocates for systemic change;

  • Attend meetings of CUSH Task Forces and communicate and coordinate their efforts with other CUSH members and allies;

  • Research and write grants to help CUSH achieve financial stability; 

  • Collaborate with and monitor the efforts of the CUSH Fundraising Committee;

  • Work collaboratively with affiliate organizations in the WISDOM network and attend monthly WISDOM organizer staff meetings;

  • Coordinate local and statewide advocacy efforts and monitor relevant legislative actions;

  • Undertake other responsibilities as assigned by the CUSH President.


Desired Skills and Abilities

  • “Self-starter” with proven ability to convert goals into strategies and an action plan;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to research and write grants;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated skills in building consensus;

  • Computer skills and familiarity with social media;

  • The ability to relate respectfully and empathetically with the most vulnerable members of our community;

  • An understanding of oppression based on race, gender, LGBTQ+ and immigration status, ability and social class;

  • Respect for and interest in persons and communities of various faiths; 

  • Experience in training and community organizing;



The immediate supervisor for this position is the designated President of CUSH.  Additional support will be provided by the CUSH Board.  For oversight and professional development, the CUSH Organizer is expected to participate with the WISDOM Organizing Staff, and to meet regularly with the WISDOM State Director. 

CUSH encourages people with these passions and qualities to apply. 

CUSH is an equal opportunity employer.  All applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, disability status or any other classification protected under the law. 

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Sandy Milligan, Chair of the search committee, at cushkenosha@gmail.com by November 17, 2020.


Jacob Blake did not deserve to be shot repeatedly in the back. No one does.

Jacob Blake’s children did not deserve to see him shot in front of them. No

children do. We, members of the Religious Leaders Caucus of CUSH, offer our

deepest prayers and most sacred hopes for Mr. Blake’s recovery and for the

healing of his family who are in so much pain right now, just as we have for

the families of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and so many

more. But we know that hopes and prayers are not enough to stop a speeding

bullet or to counteract centuries’ worth of systemic racism and the calculated

oppression of our siblings of color so ubiquitous in this nation’s history that

many of the privileged among us still do not recognize it even exists. We know that in addition to the hope of our hearts and the prayers of our souls we must act. We support the independent investigation into the shooting that has commenced and applaud Gov. Evers’ calling a special legislative session to confront issues of police brutality, accountability and transparency. While condemning the violent outbursts that have affected our businesses and municipal property, we do also recognize that the pain that fuels these acts is real and ever-present for communities of color who live in constant fear of police violence. Lives of people are worth more than buildings, vehicles or even livelihoods, and we refute the false narrative that those who break windows are morally equivalent to those who shoot people in the back. We are therefore calling, again, for the leadership of Kenosha to address these issues head-on, engage the community in real, meaningful dialogue, and to truly honor the sacredness of human life through change to the systems and structures by which we govern and are governed.

This means actionable changes to the way policing is performed in Kenosha by refocusing the mission of law enforcement to protect, and not end, lives. PO Box 1324, Kenosha, WI 53141 262-564-8223 www.facebook.com/CUSHKenosha

Furthermore, we again implore the Mayor to enlist the help of CUSH, its member clergy and other

community organizations in the work of the city to examine and address these issues, as the time

for statements is long past: the time for action is now.


In Faith, Religious Leaders Caucus,

Congregations United to Serve Humanity

Hands Up

Support Our Brothers and  Sisters During This  Difficult Time

Immigrant families in Kenosha County are experiencing unprecedented hardship because of Covid 19. However, many of these families are not eligible for the federal and state programs created to provide economic relief. And now many find themselves unable to pay for basic necessities – especially rent and other housing costs. 

For this reason, CUSH has created a fund to support our Kenosha immigrant brothers and sisters.* 


Help us reach our $10,000 goal.


Please Donate What You Can And a special request for those of you fortunate enough to not need your stimulus check - please

consider donating part or all of it. 


All funds received will be held by CUSH specifically for the purpose of supporting immigrant families. 

How to make your tax-deductible donation: 1) On-line at www.cushkenosha.com (click the donate button above and in the comments, add immigration fundraiser), or 2) send your check payable to CUSH to PO Box 1324, Kenosha, WI 53141 


* We are working with the Racine Immigrant Support Initiative to administer our relief efforts. Information about the Racine Immigrant Support Initiative can be found at https://racineimmigrantsupport.com/


Things Happen.


Affordable Housing

Task Force

Karen Kempinen


at St. John's Lutheran Church

3833 8th Ave, Kennosha

We welcome you to come and be a part of this important work; it is work that touches on so many of the social issues that are relevant in Kenosha right now!


Anyone who is interested in being a part of The Affordable Housing Taskforce is encouraged to attend! 

December 14, 2020


Task Force

Sandy Milligan

All are welcome!

The next Immigration Task Force Zoom meeting will be on December 14,2020 at 6:o0 pm.  Discussion will continue about a meeting with Sheriff David Beth and upcoming educational opportunities.

Please contact task force chair, Sandy Milligan at samilligan@gmail.com for additional information or to request a Zoom meeting invitation.

November 23, 2020

ROC-Restoring Our Communities

Task Force

Veronica King

Come join us for our monthly meeting

on November 23, 2020 at 7 pm. 

Email Chair, Veronica King for a Zoom Meeting link.

Madison Action Day Exceeds Expectations!

About 750 WISDOM members from all parts of Wisconsin made a big impact at the state capitol in Madison on Tuesday!  


WISDOM Leaders led reflections on the hard work of “building the Beloved Community,” including the challenges of radical inclusion, costly reconciliation and living for the seventh generation.  Speakers called on WISDOM leaders to work to reform ourselves, our own organizations, and the state we live in.


After lunch, Madison Action Day became a blocks-long procession to the Capitol, led by the 14-foot high Jingle Dress Puppet, created by Native people of northwestern Wisconsin, who prays for unity.


A rally on the Capitol steps called for racial equity, and a pledge to continue to lift our voices until every Wisconsinite knows justice.  WISDOM leaders then visited the offices of nearly every member of the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly. Madison Action Day was an amazing display of unity, of shared purpose and of the power of organized people!

Download the Program Book with our issue positions and the values that drive us to work so hard for them.

Congregation-based Community Organizing


We are a coalition of congregations bound by our commitment to social justice. We believe in centering the voices of those most affected by issues in our community. We practice our faith by working together to change systems which harm us and our neighbors.



  • Public Education

  • Affordable Housing

  • ​Immigration Reform​

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Public Transportation








We integrate anti-racism and anti-poverty into our issue work.

Contact Us


(262) 564-8223

PO Box 1324

Kenosha, WI​








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