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Thank you to all who participated in our Chili Supper Fundraiser on February 28!  We sold over 150 dinners, had a great time putting together the meals in eco-friendly to-go packaging and were happy to see so many of you at curbside pick up! 

While you enjoyed Rich's Famous Chili, Pastor Kathy's Vegan Chili, and all the home baked treats, you also helped us raise funding so that we can continue to bring our mission to Kenosha County.  

New Organizer

It's good to be here!  My name is Lori Hawkins and I'm the new CUSH Community Organizer.  I'm looking forward to helping further the mission of CUSH to benefit the Kenosha community.  CUSH works to address the issues of injustice and oppression that are brought forth by voices within our community.  Action leading to positive change is what we are called to do together through our interfaith coalition. There are many ways to get involved in our efforts, whether as a volunteer, a mentor or a donor.


Please reach out and introduce yourself as either a longtime CUSH participant or as someone who is interested in learning more about our organization.  You can reach me directly at Please watch this space for what CUSH will be doing in the upcoming new year and how you can get involved.


Wishing you a peaceful New Year!


Hands Up

Support Our Brothers and  Sisters During This  Difficult Time

Immigrant families in Kenosha County are experiencing unprecedented hardship because of Covid 19. However, many of these families are not eligible for the federal and state programs created to provide economic relief. And now many find themselves unable to pay for basic necessities – especially rent and other housing costs. 

For this reason, CUSH has created a fund to support our Kenosha immigrant brothers and sisters.* 


Help us reach our $10,000 goal.


Please Donate What You Can And a special request for those of you fortunate enough to not need your stimulus check - please

consider donating part or all of it. 


All funds received will be held by CUSH specifically for the purpose of supporting immigrant families. 

How to make your tax-deductible donation: 1) On-line at (click the donate button above and in the comments, add immigration fundraiser), or 2) send your check payable to CUSH to PO Box 1324, Kenosha, WI 53141 


* We are working with the Racine Immigrant Support Initiative to administer our relief efforts. Information about the Racine Immigrant Support Initiative can be found at


Things Happen.

Affordable Housing

Task Force


at St. John's Lutheran Church

3833 8th Ave, Kennosha

We welcome you to come and be a part of this important work; it is work that touches on so many of the social issues that are relevant in Kenosha right now!


Anyone who is interested in being a part of The Affordable Housing Taskforce is encouraged to attend! 

shelter is a basic need.jpg


Task Force

All are welcome!

Discussion will continue about a meeting with Sheriff David Beth and upcoming educational opportunities.

Please contact task force chair, Sandy Milligan at for additional information or to request a Zoom meeting invitation.


Racial Justice

Task Force

Please join us on this very important, new task force!

Email Chair, Veronica King for a Zoom Meeting link.

Congregation-based Community Organizing


We are a coalition of congregations bound by our commitment to social justice. We believe in centering the voices of those most affected by issues in our community. We practice our faith by working together to change systems which harm us and our neighbors.



  • Public Education

  • Affordable Housing

  • ​Immigration Reform​

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Public Transportation

  • Racial Justice








We integrate anti-racism and anti-poverty into our issue work.

Contact Us


(262) 564-8223

PO Box 1324

Kenosha, WI​