The Education Taskforce was formed in 2014. It's goal is to support public education and to call for healthy relationships between School Board, Administration, Educational Staff, Parents and Students.



​The Transportation Taskforce was formed to help residents, seniors, people with disabilities and those with limited imcome to live more self-sufficient lives through access to quality transit services.

The Transportation Taskforce meets on first Thursday of each month at 1:45 pm at Immanuel United Methodist Church located at 

​5410 Sheridan Road, Kenosha. Contact Rich Mich, task force chair, at  for information about getting involved.



The Homelessness Taskforce formed in 2014. Its goal is to support the Shalom Center in the their plans for a residential assistance facility.

The Homelessness Taskforce is currently inactive. 




​The Immigration Taskforce was formed to work toward just and fair reform that will allow immigrants a path toward a legal presence in our country and fair treatment and respect for the rights of all immigrants in our community.

Contact Sandy Milligan, taskforce chair, at for information about the next meeting.


Racial Justice Taskforce

Please join us for this very important new taskforce effort. 

Contact our organizer Lori Hawkins to learn more and get involved.