WISDOM Affiliation




WISDOM is the umbrella organization which includes CUSH and 10 other fully-formed, Wisconsin, congregation-based community organizations. WISDOM affiliate organizations work together to create a bold, prophetic vision for our communities, for our state and for our nation. Through education, action and advocacy, WISDOM gives power to that vision and brings about real change.


Specifically, WISDOM provides guidance and leadership by:


  • Expanding the power base of each affiliate organization;

  • Identifying potential leaders among member organzations and providing training on issue development and related action strategies;

  • Engaging members organizations in regional, statewide and national issue campaigns;

  • Increasing the capacity for grassroots organizations to bring about systemic change.


On the state level, WISDOM has led the effort to reduce its prison population by the end of 2015. The 11x15 Campaign for Safer, Healthier Communities calls for common sense reform to reduce our incarcerated population, reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system, save taxpayer money and help rehabilitate low-risk individuals and return them to a healthy, productive place in our communities.


Beside the 11x15 Campaign, WISDOM is currently gearing up for a major statewide effort related to transit. WISDOM has also been a major force in the nation-wide campaign to call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. CUSH has been actively engaged in both WISDOM statewide and national campaigns.


CUSH and WISDOM are also provided the opportunity to participate in leadership development through the International Gamaliel Foundation.


In the same way that CUSH seeks to build relationships and foster cooperation among diverse people in Kenosha, WISDOM works to build understanding among people from all parts of Wisconsin and offers opportunities for faith communities to join together to promote our shared values.


Visit the WISDOM website at prayforjusticeinwi.org/


Affiliates of the WISDOM Network

AMOS of LaCrosse

CUSH of Kenosha

ESTHER of Fox Valley

JOB of Beloit

JONAH of Eau Claire

JOSHUA of Green Bay

MICAH of Milwaukee

MOSES of Madison

NAOMI of Wausau

RIC of Racine

RUTH of Manitowoc

SOPHIA of Waukesha