Religious Leaders' Caucus


Co-chaired by Rev. Erik Carlson of Bradford Community Church UU and the CUSH Religious Leaders Caucus is comprised of religious leaders from member congregations and other religious leaders in our community who are interested in social justice work. Focus of meetings is on:


1.  Recruiting:  Religious Leaders Caucus does outreach to faith leaders inviting you first to the Caucus, then to become a member of CUSH.


2.  Theological Reflection:  At its best the Religious Leaders Caucus has faith leaders taking turns offering theological reflection from your own tradition, ideally on a theme that relates to an issue CUSH is working on.  Reflections make meetings interesting and help build bonds among religious leaders. 


3.  Strategy: Discussion of how to engage members of your congregation in CUSH's work. Discussing how congregations have successfully built and maintained core teams and about how to talk about controversial topics with your congregation without turning people off.


4.  Relationship-building: It's just good to know what other clergy are facing.


5.  Updates: Information about major CUSH news as an invitation to invite members of your congregation to participate.


6.  Sometimes the Religious Leaders Caucus will generate its own issue, such as mentoring in the schools.


The Religious Leaders Caucus meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1:15 pm at Aurora Hospital in Kenosha immediately following the Kenosha Clergy Association meetings, except in the summer when dates and times may vary.


If you would like to learn more about how your congregation would benefit from becoming part of an interfaith coalition working on social justice issues, please contact Rev. Kathleen Gloff or plan to attend the next meeting of the Religious Leaders Caucus.