Homegrown National Park Task Force Issue: The World Wildlife Fund says that we’ve lost two thirds of our wildlife in the last 50 years since 1970. We can turn that around by putting the right plants back. We lost those species by taking away the plants that support them. We call it habitat loss, and it is, but it doesn’t have to be. We can have productive native plants in our cities, on the edges of our agriculture, in our yards, on our roadsides, in our corporate landscapes — there’s no reason why we can’t be using those plants.”

Some of this Task Force’s Many 2023 Actions:

  • Advocacy for native landscaping in Kenosha’s renovation projects [Downtown, Uptown, KIN]
  • Presentation to Mayor Antaramian by Karen Kempinen and Pastor Jonathan Barker
  • Collaboration with Harborside Environmental Studies classes to add 200+ native plant plugs to the Grace Lutheran gardens
  • Winter Sowing Workshop presented by Karen Kempinen at Grace Lutheran. Native plants were highlighted in the workshop.

Members: 10 (all of whom are issue impacted)

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