ROC (Restore our Community) Task Force

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ROC (Restoring Our Communities) Task Force

The ROC Task Force works to reform the criminal justice system. Contact Carl for more information and to see how you can get involved 

o ROC Kenosha advocates for KVM (Kenosha Vocational Ministries) which has the mission of empowering unemployed and underemployed citizens to become productive and fulfilled by preparing individuals for life and work by developing attitudes, habits, and skills that reflect human dignity. 

o ROC Kenosha is sponsoring the Peace Education Program (PEP) for which a grant has been obtained received and pilot implementation is currently in planning for the residents of Oxford House Lena, women’s sober living recovery home. The purpose of this program is to help participants discover their own inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace.

o ROC Kenosha supports the Unity Coalition which has as its target population those at risk of violence with the miss0n of strengthening Kenosha by building bridges together and increasing equity for all citizens through building and enhancing community relationships, identify community needs, services and strategies to achieve justice, equity, and opportunity.

o ROC Kenosha advocates for the Kenosha Racine Chapter of Oxford Houses (sober living recovery residences) and is working to support a bill being proposed for state funding of startup and outreach for sober living recovery homes.

o ROC Kenosha has committed to support the September 23rd , 2017, 4th Annual Kenosha Recovery Rally being held to support those living in recovery and to reduce the associated stigma.

WISDOM has made great strides in our work in seeking justice around Mass Incarceration in the State of Wisconsin.

November Organizer Report

I have had the chance follow up with several expos and have continued to what's the message that's staying clean, sober and out of trouble does not equal getting one's life back.  That's after all of that, it's peer support that bring about successful re-entry.  I have met and connected with a number of expos this month particularly in the Kenosha area. Having continue to stay connected to Charmaine Harris has allow for access participants, a lot of them men with conviction histories or prison backgrounds.  I had the opportunity to attend the dads program, which provided for some great opportunity to bring awareness to Oxbow and cushion highlight that we're also continuously in the work of supporting and advocating for this particular marginalized group. A nice with three follow-ups from that event.
I have been contacted by people.
advocating for their loved ones, bringing them up to speed with both EXPO and CUSH.  The biggest traction though has been with the movement, and so lack-there-of, regarding the Parole Commission.  Marge, David and I have been working on a plan to Take an opportunity to lift up a potential parole case out of Kenosha.  We have since been asked by Mr. Eric Nelson to stand down, preferring that WISDOM, CUSH and EXPO not advocate for him directly.    We've all made inroads with elected officials and professionals who all say direct action here is needed. 

March 2019 Report. C.F. EXPO K/R

Task Force Update

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