Writer: Clock ticks by as Dreamers still wait

From Kenosha News: http://www.kenoshanews.com/opinion/voice_of_the_people/writer-clock-ticks-by-as-dreamers-still-wait/article_66fb938d-c4c6-57b1-bd23-e9bf4444ccac.html

As July comes to a close, we are just one month from the year anniversary of Trump rescinding the DACA program. The president instructed our congressional leaders to pass long-term legislation that would keep Dreamers in the U.S., able to study, work and play. All this time, we have been waiting for Congress to act.

Several times we have seen a dust-up and immigration come back to the forefront of the news cycle. Each time, however, Dreamers are left without protection from deportation. Congress has failed to pass a single bill to address DACA recipients. Honestly, I wonder what we elect these people to do!

There is still one bill, the bipartisan Uniting and Securing (USA) Act that would leave immigration levels where they are, protect Dreamers, and support our economy. Why isn’t this Washington’s priority?

Congress, the clock is ticking.

Sandy Milligan


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