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CUSH calls for immediate action for homeless


The Rev. Justin Elliot Lowe, at right, associate pastor of First United Methodist Church, sang carols before the City Council meeting. Photo by Kenosha News


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Winter won’t be mild, and local activists are deeply concerned about the city’s homeless population.

Dozens marched from Immanuel United Methodist Church to the Municipal Building Monday evening to raise awareness for some of the city’s most vulnerable. Congregations United to Serve Humanity organized the effort.

“The 17 member congregations of CUSH call on the City Council and the mayor to work with the county executive and other agencies to immediately solve the crisis,” the Rev. Justin Elliot Lowe, associate pastor of First United Methodist Church, told the City Council.

Lowe said 15 to 30 people face

CUSH Pushes to Recommission Old Shalom Center Shelter

CUSH supporters unfurl a banner and sing hymns in a hall at the Municipal Building just before Monday's city council meeting. Photo by WGTD

Kenosha---A group that’s been trying to rally support for the creation of a temporary, low-barrier homeless shelter has hit upon an idea: Why not use the old Shalom Center building?

The Rev. Justin Lowe of CUSH---Congregations United to Serve Humanity—says he believes it’s possible. "I think it is--considering that it was used just a few months ago for Read More...


CUSH Brings Homeless Protest To City Hall

CUSH brought its mission to help the homeless directly to the Kenosha City Council Monday night. Congregations United to Serve Humanity or CUSH held a procession from Read More...


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