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Bonnie Bell retires from Immanuel UMC

Congregations United to Serve Humanity thanks Bonnie Bell for her faithful work for justice in the years that she was pastor at Immanuel UMC here in Kenosha.

Bonnie was an active and invigorating voice in all of the work of the CUSH Religious Leaders Caucus.  As she learns how to be retired from her pastoral duties, we wish her grace and strength and joy in all that she does.

Happy Retirement Bonnie!

Your Friends and Colleagues from CUSH


Vigil counters fear with light: CUSH, community remember those slain in mass shootings

Local congregations stand together with Islamic community against violence, hate

Providing for all the Homeless is Imperative
Kenosha News Voice of the People 
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
by Florence Hammelev

It is very disturbing that there is no plan to provide shelter for the homeless who will not be able to be sheltered at the Shalom Center this winter. Providing housing for all the homeless, including those with distinctive needs, is a moral imperative.

A refuge center license that served that group in the past was not renewed. A committee to consider problems with the refuge center and relicensing, chaired by the former director of Kenosha Human Development Services was formed. That committee chair reported to Mayor Antaramian their findings in a letter: “If First Step Services does not get relicensed, the task of exploring options for housing this population would fall within the purview of the Emergency Services Network. The ESN has met monthly for over 24 years to coordinate services for people who are low income and may be experiencing homelessness. The ESN would form a committee to work on this issue should the need occur.”

Well, the need has occurred, and there is no plan for housing this population. While the Shalom Center serves a majority of the homeless and KHDS provides many programs, the population served by the closed refuge center, which includes veterans, remains unsheltered, with October fast approaching. A shelter with sleeping space is vital, and I urge the community to demand that shelter be provided for all the homeless in Kenosha County. Who will be responsible for any homeless that freeze to death this winter? I believe it will be the community that fails to speak up for those who have no voice.

Allowing homeless to warm in the hospital lobby or Safety Building for short intervals is not a solution!

Florence Hammelev

Congregations United to Serve Humanity

Homeless Task Force

Lights for Liberty

On July 12, a mass gatherings took place at detention centers around the country to shed a literal light on the inhumane conditions being faced by asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants in the U.S.


Many joined CUSH at the Kenosha Detention Center, 4777 – 88th Avenue, on Friday, July 12 from 8:00-9:30pm.

 "We shine a light on the inhumane treatment of migrants and refugees by the current administration.

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